Monday, October 5, 2009

New module - Roles and Responsibilities

Well here we are with Summer reluctantly receding into the past and Winter fast approaching, and another academic year on the go!!
Having finished the ICT module (yes, I passed!!) - my marks weren't as good as I'd expected but then I think I may have had too high expectations of myself! My tutor told me that I had some good stuff in there and I had potential! Well, that's good for the ego and enough motivation to make me continue :)
My sister became my 'critical friend' this summer, as I had no idea where my last assignment was heading, initially. I thought I disliked my tutor but on reflection I reckon it was more of a dislike of the actual module (unfortunately she just happened to be 'teaching' it!) .......... behaviour management was NOT my forte!!!! Having now finished it though,I have actually quite enjoyed it - learnt from it? .... yes, I think I have in a strange sort of way! It was a definate learning curve ... vertical ..... but one I have come out of on top (dependant upon my mark!!! .. watch this space! lol)
Today I felt soooooo valued at work - lots of praise for various things! One of which was the EAL stuff I'd done over the weekend! Also the ART testing began today (thanked by teaching staff for that one!) and the on-going, dreaded, IEP's!!!!! Gotta be ready for Ofsted!
Having that feeling has done wonders for my self-esteem and makes me realise how the pupils feel daily (not that I ever doubted that before! - I know how it feels NOT to be appreciated when you feel as if you are doing your best!)
My feelings towards our little Polish boy are no different - he's wonderful (and very cheeky sometimes!!, but all part of his enduring character.) You have to understand that being of Polish background myself I feel very strongly about his inclusion and want to make it work, but I now realise that it's not as simple as that. I think, therefore I am .....!! (Cogito ergo sum ......)
My husband, knowing how I feel, has been very supportive, but has also told me that I am probably rather biased ....... I just want it to work for this kid! However, even I can see that things are rather difficult!! But I CAN make a difference in how things are approached with him and I intend to do that.
It is something that I feel strongly about, but something which I can make a difference to - I have a greater knowledge of background/culture than most at the school, and I have come across bias before. It make me very cross to see it from staff at school though!

On top of all this we have had our lovely (less than 2 months old) sports car (top of the range Z3) written off by a single driver one morning whilst it was parked quite unoffensively outside our house! (See previous Blog)
Having been to hell and back over the last 18 months (after losing absolutely everything just after our arrival here!!) I am thankful to still feel so optimistic!!!

The reflective account/diary is going to be more useful than I thought (thank you Mark and Rachael).

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