Monday, October 5, 2009

Pebble Pad

Unusually for me, I didn't like it!! Normally I love any new initiative to do with ICT and grab with both hands, this ust seems to repeat lots of other applications.
For ful time Uni students who are compiling a CV (from scratch) and completing work to submit regularly, I can see a place for it maybe.
I already have a Blog for my relective accounts and I have a notepad on my iPhone and PC (linked together) which is wonderful for uploading websites/texs/files/contacts/etc., for free. The PebblePad, from what I understand, and I stand to be corrected when we have our 'talk' on it, s only free whilst at Uni and for 12months after one leaves. After this, is has to be paid for!
I am unure as to the logistics of access by others to your "assets" and to the limitof 100MB's of space - yes, I know this sounds huge, but my tiny memory stick has more than enough for my needs combined with my pc.
As I say, for a full time Uni student, it may be worthwhile for storing everything on whilst "on campus", but personally, I think it has too much!?!? Maybe I am just well organised as I already ave a CV on my computer and a section where I add any courses I attend, etc., so I suppose I have an e-portfolio already ..... I am open minded enough to be swayed though still and will say no more until we have our session on 12th November wiith Dominic.........
You will only be able to utilise this site if you are a member of staff or a student at Plymouth University at present.
However, tis web address may give you some further insight:
Would love some feedback from others!! :)

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