Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday 11th October 2009

Dave Vizard was fabulous at Uni on Thursday! What alot to think about........ and to try and put into practice too.

On Friday, the following day, I found myself in a French lesson with a pupil with ASD (Aspergers) and they had a vocab.' test. Whilst trying to remember certain words/phrases I found myself watching his eye movement more than previously and thinking (whilst he scruched his eyes so tight!!) that he was trying to visualise the words he was 'looking' for!! Need to give this some thought as to how I can help him now with his vocab.' - maybe pictures will assist or perhaps a quirky visualisation will help him remember a word.

This week has also seen me think more about the EAL student I work with. The fact that he appears to be able to recite but not recall for use words. The repetative "I am crazy, yes?" he loves to be followed by me saying "Yes" him then saying, "Thank you" and then I have to say "It's a pleasure" or "You're welcome" - if we don't follow this structure, he asks!!

His understanding of pupils being nice/nasty (putting it bluntly) is rather lacking and I have drawn up a sort of 'game' on lamiate, and with cards, where by we can use daily happenings to help him understand this - it can be added to with other circumstances as the need arises.

I have done this to try to ensure that he is included in the way we wish him to be included as a department/school.

Much of his work requires differentiation which the TA's are struggling with due to a lack of support from teaching staff (or so it seems!) - it seemed to fall on me again (possibly my background/language). I suggested a storyboard type of engagement for RE to do with Christmas - pictures to cut/colour and put in order of the Christmas story and then write the English and Polish words underneath to match the pictures. So whilst other pupils are doing the Christmas story in an essay format, he will use this storyboard format. We will see how it works! All this, these ideas, are because of what I am doing at Uni - the fact that I am reflecting on what I am doing and trying to improve it, is great. I am havingto write a reflective type diary at present regarding the EAL student that I a working with too - it really does help to write down all these details and reflect back. I believe it is improving my prcatice in the 'classroom'!

On a different note, I think I have got the basis of my next assignment (have already put it onto the paper copy ready for sesion 4!) ........ bound to change a little if not totally though knowing me!!

My precis is done, my e-resource sorted (waiting to be emailed!), and reading matter underway, I am feeling quite pleased with myself so far!! And I've even managed to do some more reading and searching this weekend regardless that my car was smashed into on Saturday morning and I missed my sons footy match! What's even worse is that just 2 weeks ago, my hubands was written off by an exact same incident - both cars just parked outside the house and another driver driven at speed into the back ....... :(
These are our cars prior to the accidents - neither one of which were our fault - not even sat in the cars when they were driven into (just as well!!)
(See the previous logs for other photos!)

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