Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday 8th February

Sunday 8th February

Seeing as I couldn't actually finish my photos and post them anywhere whilst at Uni last time, I decided to try and complete the task at home that weekend!! I managed to use the photos initially in a Word document and put the photos in different shapes/backgrounds, etc. Then I put speech bubbles in - not bad I thought!

Having done that I wanted to progress to the next stage and put them into a 'movie'. I was ready to throw the computer out of the window the first day I tried - exasperated or what!!

Still, a good nights sleep and a new day (and about 5 minutes assistance from my eldest son!) I managed to download the music I wanted and edit the photos with captions and music ..... wow, was I impressed!

I then thought it'd be a good idea to upload it onto my Blog.........

Yeah, I know, it's pretty basic - it is my first attempt - ok, it's VERY basic, but I am very proud of it! And Bisto wants to know when he starts getting royalties!!!!

Unfortunateley, it's come up as an error and I can't do it (error codes below!) Wonder if it's to do with having external stuff plugged in? Tried again but same error code/s appeared...?


Have now downloaded GEARS to enable Google Video to host/store any videos I make!, and can now upload my video/movie from here onto my Blog?!?! Oh flippin' hec, not again?!

Well, in my searches (and there have been many folks!) I found I had posted it onto Google Video to be hosted but it might take a day or so for me to find it through a search.

Believe me, I tried ..... I searched for it, and found it - posted 5 days ago (Hmm, just about when I sent it to my sister to see!!) on YouTube!!!!! Oh well, here it is! At last :)

(Bit of a cheat I think as I should have been able to actually upload the video as opposed to the link, still better than nothing at all!)

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