Saturday, February 7, 2009

INTER-SESIONAL TASK (5th February for 24th February)


Inter-sessional task for 24th February:-
Discuss on your posting any creative ways that you have seen digital media being used in your school. Consider also what were the factors inherent to ICT that made it so successful.

We use digital photography within the ASDAN work the pupils do, and sometimes during English lessons. They have been used to help create storyboards in English (most pupils enjoy having their photos taken - posing for them!) - it assists with pupils that find it hard to sit still for a whole hour or more! They can get up and move around, it involves different types of learning (VAK), and if it keeps them in the classroom rather than getting sent out for getting up and running around, it must surely improve their self esteem too?!

The fact that it involves ICT means, in this instance, that it was talked about, gone and done, (and shown to everyone else by uploading the photos), very quickly. In the past photos would have to have been sent away to be developed and would then have perhaps been displayed on a board. Today it can all be done in one or two lessons and the students know this - everything they have done can be seen immediately and can be edited too - it has SPEED these days!. If pupils want to change the border or colour they can as their photos are really only PROVISIONAL- 'old fashioned' photos cannot be done so easily, and especially not at school!

The BOUNDARIES, at the end of the day, are only as restrictive as the facilitator/educator. If the pupils want to put the photos into a storyboard, they can - on Powerpoint for instance.

If the pupils want to put the photos onto a Word programme and put speech bubbles on to them, the can. They can put relative music in the background if they wish on Powerpoint, and they can chop and change all of this to suit their requirements, as often as they wish - until they have what they perceive as the perfect item to show everyone - ideal for their self esteem ....... they CAN do it and make their work look good!!!!

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