Saturday, February 7, 2009

Saturday 7th February

Oh boy! Have spent several hours trying to use my movie maker with some photos ...... also tried to put the photos onto Power Point (not enough time during the session on Thursday). Am rather confused to say the least as they appear to do pretty much the same thing! It was a shame that there wasn't eough time on Thursday to do it all then - lack of equipment maybe - Mark needs a TA to sort it all out!! ;)
Anyway, they both look ok eventually - the P/P is the best though, and I'm quite proud of it. I have managed to put the photos on (6 slides), insert speech bubbles and even put background music and some animated effects in! How cool is that? I ust need to be able to sort something out for use during a leson ..... yikes!
I am sure that with some more practice, I will become more confident and quicker at it (hopefully!) - I should really like to be able to get something up and running that I can use at school for a lesson. Perhaps I can find a spare 1/2 hour and get someone to explain things like "can I link my laptop or memory stick to the schools IWB and other stuff"??!! (and make them work more to the point!) ......... watch this space!

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