Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday 21st Jan 2009

Stayed over to do a bit of research (well actually the pub/drink option fell through, so it was second best!!) - got some interesting stuff off the internet to look into more at home. One was which has even got links to archive news reports (chronological) and one fantastic "food for thought" posting was all about "Virtual Learning Slow Starter" and "Online Safety Issues". Does this mean that virtual learning isn't as good as once thought? Or is it that we as a nation/people are slow to take the new on board? Are different departments slower at accepting ICT to assist in the classroom than other depts?
Also found out that Blogs are filtered and I couldn't get into mine on the school site!
My son's class has just been given a MP3 player (on loan!) from his French teacher to help with listening skills and pronounciation, ready for GCSE's - what a good idea!
This could easily be adapted for other pupils who have English as a second/additional language (EAL) couldn't it? Adapted in that some are likely to require basics and some maybe just to increase voacabulary bank. Must have a word with our MFL dept tomorrow!
There is a way obviously of viewing them (must find out!) as one of our students is on the Spirit of Discovery yacht (sailing to Australia with family) and their tutor group is following the voyage on the INTERNET via news clips and blogs. How cool is that ........ to be able to keep in touch with someone who is on a boat in the middle of the ocean?!?! It even made it onto Spotlight News at 6.30pm tonight - with video/audio links direct to the yacht and interviews from students at school!

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