Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday 27th January

Having just read Carries blog I felt I had to update mine again! I am also not sure if I'm doing all this correctly, but I shall just keep going!! Something has to be right surely?! Someone suggested that I'd be better doing my assignment along the lines of 'what I work with' - on that thought, should I do something along the lines of ICT helping to raise self esteem in students?? Could I biuld a website for use in school for pupils to go to for resources,etc? Am I being too adventurous? I still really like my initial idea around EAL but I don't do any MfL at present! The assignement idea (or lack of it!!) is giving me real problems! (Mind you so is the size of the Byron Report!!!!!!!!!)
Still, regarding the task set for next session (finding out about how pupils use the Internet inside and outside the classroom), I decided to sort out a brief, easy to understand, survey to leave in our SSC and Library for students to complete. So far it has been rather interesting and not at all what I invisaged!
I think I am like the 'pragmatist' described on the powerpoint in the lesson - and I would definately like to learn more about the IWB. How to use it full stop in the classroom would be a pretty good start! Other areas, I have been trying to help other TA's overcome (emails, SIMS,Excel, etc) .... at least that makes me feel as if I know something!!!!! :)
Am looking forward to the next session and hope I have got done all I am supposed to have done as I seem to keep finding stuff that is "an activity" (to be done by next session?) and another task ............ sinking or swimming????? (maybe it's just a bit of a doggy-paddle at the moment!)

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