Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday 29th January 2009

Having thoughts on what my 'project' (and assignment) should be, I went to have a chat to people in our Inclusions unit. They were all for the 'self-esteem' line of thought and putting a WIKI together that "their" students could access, but that they could also monitor - suggested it might be good if being bullied could be included on it somehow (food for MORE thought!!). They also suggested something along the lines of looking at similar for 'bereavement issues' which also sounded a good idea. At the moment the only way they incorporate ICT there is by using a few sites with games on them. I would also need to get permission from the IT department (for accessing, etc) and the Head - to ensure appropriate.
The survey papers I put out in SSC, regarding the way in which students use ICT outside of the educators direction, were so interesting I have done some more to put in the library (wider spectrum of students still) - shall be able to collect them tomorrow after school!!

Oh dear!! Have just tried to delete a 'search label' on my first entry (Monday 19th January 2009) and deleted the whole page instead!!!! aarrggggghhhhhh HELP!

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