Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday 31st January 2009

Well, I have just realised that I now have someone following my blog!!!! (Didn't think it was that interesting!)
Have learnt today, (courtesy of my 16 year old), how to download and upload music. Yesterday I found out how to put a url onto Facebook and share it .............. phew! It's all too much! tee hee
Didn't manage to collect the surveys from the libraryon Friday, but must do on Monday. Tonight will finish reading the Byron Report - some of it has been really easy reading, but some of it has been an extremely hard slog.
Visited our Inclusion Unit about my assignment and they have given me loads of stuff that they would like on a web/blog/wiki (they have no idea about the latter two though!), yet are genuinely excited about what we might achieve for the students.
Some literature arrived from Uni yesterday too - no Uni card though, which means still no library access. Although I joined the local Library, they have no 'record' of any of the literature listed on my module leaflet to read, so to date I have not been able to read any of that.
Anyway, after all is done, I reckon I deserve some time on the Wii seeing as only 2 out of 4 are at home tonight!!!! (That means I shall be able to choose what I go on as well ..... sheer luxury!)

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