Saturday, March 28, 2009

THE Assignment!!!! (Saturday 28th March 2009)

I had felt quite proud of myself initially having written an extremely rough, draft copy of my assignment. However, there are numerous alterations to be made and it still requires some additions too!! I feel that maybe I got a little 'cocky'!! Still, having spent a little time on it today and a bi more planning (along with a glass of wine! ..... will that make it better or worse though?!) - I reckon it's coming together quire nicely now. Thre is just so much information I want to include (and even with all the appendices, etc in the world, there's not enough!) I find it rather difficult to decipher the best bits to include and which I should bin!!
Then there's the citations ........... OMG!!!!!!! I have spent nearly as long on those as the actual assignment! Well may be not, but it certainly seems that way sometimes. An absolute maze which I feared sometimes I was lost in for ever, but hey, I think I can see the exit now.
I have really enjoyed this module - I LOVE ICT!!!!! (even if I still have a lot to learn!) and was so glad that I joined the cohort at this time...... late!!
Here's to the next 4 years .......

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